City of Felsberg

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The city of Felsberg is a small modern city in the heart of North Hesse with a history dating back to the Middle Ages and is surrounded by the forests described in the fairy tales by the Grimm brothers. It lies in the county of Schwalm-Eder, about 20 kilometers south of Kassel, and has about 2,500 inhabitants.

Hotels / Restaurants

The infrastructure of the city of Felsberg, which has about a total of about 11,000 inhabitants within its 16 different districts, is very well outfitted: two grade schools as well as a comprehensive school with the different possibilities of college preparation or a middle school offered to the 10th grade. An all inclusive and well recognized social services center includes a day care center, large kitchen, home and seniors service and student study help. Also a child and women’s issues specialist brings Felsberg to the level of one of the best cities in Hesse as a far as social achievements and family friendliness. Felsberg is unique in north Hesse with its modern heated swimming pool, kindergarten, youth center, library, 15 registered doctors, and the exemplary senior residence, St. Valentin. Seven Protestant congregations, a Catholic ministry, a New Apostle Church, an Islamic congregation, as well as the unique to Hesse, Felsberg Liberal Jewish Congregation, all mirror the diversity and openness of the citizens of Felsberg.

There is also a Bee museum of the local beekeepers organization in the gatehouse of the former cloister Kartause Eppenberg; a museum of ancient history and the museum of local history in the city district of Gensungen.

About 100 various registered associations are found in Felsberg such as sports groups, choirs and singing clubs, hunting groups, a city association, a German-Turkish culture group, hiking, local culture, a horse riding center, small animal breeders, fishing groups– all adding to the lively parts of life in Felsberg and its districts.